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    Auckland Creative Academy for Young Minds is a new project created with the purpose of giving young minds the opportunity to perceive our world in a different, individual-led and more detailed way. We give students the space to use the potential of their nature by discovering new ways to achieve this goal.


      Diverse experiences like learning a different language, or appreciating music in a different level, is what activates connections and developmental processes, and leads to new ways to learn and to express thoughts, feelings, states of mind... the possibilities in their life become endless with these tools.  The direct communication and interaction between our side of the story and your side of it, is what makes this new activity become a learning experience.


Mexican born, Percussionist, Capoeira instructor, Music teacher, and Active musician; he has always believed in the positive outcome of passing knowledge to the next generation.
He believes that Music, Language and Art are some of the most important forms of human expression. Antonio is certain that by using them we can express our culture, our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts. 
Antonio has been practising music and martial arts since he was 7, and teaching since he was 19.
Antonio cannot remember a time that music was not an integral part of his life.  He has been an active musician since he was 14 as the lead singer in various popular local bands.  This love of music progressed to learning and playing instruments within the bands, his passion and focus being percussion.  He currently plays in various popular bands here in New Zealand, in the last 24 months he has appeared on national and international television, played various major music festivals, and he plays fortnightly in the city with a band that was nominated twice for the New Zealand Music Awards.   
Antonio has a strong discipline in martial arts.  He began participating Tae Kwan Do when he was 7 years old, he fought in the nationals and held a black belt by age 12.  He came to Capoeira in his teens, enjoying the rhythm and discipline of the music, history and culture.  He began teaching Capoeira in Puebla, Mexico when he was 19 for university students, and one year after that he was teaching in two Gyms, and also opened the first Capoeira Angola Academy in Puebla. His work was accepted and recognized throughout the country and he ran workshops in various Mexican cities like Xalapa, Veracruz, Tehuacan, Guadalajara, Puerto Escondido, Mexico DF, San Cristobal de las Casas, and others.
Before he came to live to Aotearoa, he was playing percussion in a popular and active band (touring frequently), and permanently teaching Capoeira Angola at the two main Universities in Puebla (UDLA and BUAP), and also was teaching at his Academy in Puebla.
When he arrived in Aotearoa in 2007 he joined a popular local band (which included appearances on national television, and frequent shows), and continued to teach capoeira in various academies in Auckland, and he began to explore his other passion: teaching music.
In his second year, he started to teach Capoeira and African music at the TAPAC, and also he worked with the Fleeming Trust for African refugees teaching Capoeira.
He then moved to Raglan where he continued to teach Capoeira and music. He opened a Capoeira Angola class that was active for 4 years until he left Raglan.
He taught percussion regularly at the Raglan Area School, and he worked with local schools and the Waikato Arts Council to teach music and Capoeira around the Waikato area where he taught at Waikato University, Waitetuna School, Hamilton Girls High, Raglan Area School, Te Uku School, Peachgrove Intermediate, and others.
Antonio also created the first Afro-Cuban Raglan ensemble, and they performed in various festivals like the Ryhthm Festival in Hamilton, hosted at the Hamilton Gardens.
He started a Bachelor of Music at the New Zealand Conservatorium of Music at the Waikato University. After a year he moved to Auckland and continued his studies with a major in Music Education at the Auckland University, where he had the chance to take classes with the best in the area.
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