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Capoeira Angola is an afro-brazilian 

musical art form where the participants

engage into a game that involves physical 

strength, acrobatic movements, knowledge of 

music, and awareness of what is happening around us at the time of the game. 


Capoeira Angola, can build self-esteem and self-awareness of both the mind and body. The dynamics of the roda, and how individuals can discover and maximize their potentials, by using them to construct a foundation built upon patience, endurance and elegance.  You will tone both mind and body with a focus on building core strength, balance, and total body workout.


Each class will focus on discovering the possibilities of each participant. 

Coordination, flexibility and musicality will be some of the essential strengths to build and improve in each individual.

Here is an example of a capoeira "jogo" (game) without music, in order to appreciate the physicality of the art.
Capoera has been used in many educational institutions around the world as an important tool to encourage self expression and to reinforce the development of an identity in young people. 
Capoeira practiced in schools helps to create friendships, to reinforce the development of confidence and self steem, and to enhance musicality, physicality,  and coordination.
The mixture between physicality, coordination, and musicality it  develops a process in the brain called neuroplasticity, what it helps to create new conections between neurons and neural processes, making usual tasks like problem solving and decision taking a way easier.
If you want to know more about how to start a Capoeira group at your School / College / University / Institution just get in touch with us.
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