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'Temazcal' is a millenarian tradition (widely practised along the American continent by many ancestral cultures) that provides a steam bath for the mind, body, and soul - a holistic therapy for both the physical and the spiritual.


A Temazcal is a representation of the womb of mother earth. The people participating in this ceremony enter it as a representation of entering the womb of mother earth and therefore has the shape of a dome with small dimensions throughout representing the mother’s womb.


Antonio is a Mexican born; he has been in New Zealand for over a decade. He has always believed in the positive outcome of passing knowledge to the next generation.
Antonio was initiated in the Temazcal tradition 25 years ago back in Mexico. Elders and tradition keepers from Cholula were his mentors and guides through the process involved at the time of becoming a Temazcalero. 

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