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A sound bath is an activity where attendants will be exposed to various musical instruments (flutes, singing bowls, shakers, cymbals, gongs, and string instruments). These will produce different frequencies that may aid in releasing emotional and physical blockages accumulated.


The attendants will be asked to sit, lie down, or adopt any comfortable position through the sound bath and be receptive to the sounds they will perceive. They will also be encouraged to close their eyes and try to relax.


The activity aims to activate the neuroplasticity associated with the relationship between brain-sound-memory. 

Sound baths have been proven to have beneficial effects in healthy older people or elders with mild-to-moderate impairments, including increased equilibrium and balance, reduced fall risks, enhanced memory and other cognitive functions, improved communication and social skills, enhanced social performance, reduced isolation, better behavioural and psychological functioning despite cognitive impairment, decreased depression and anxiety, increased self-esteem and reduced pain levels.


Music-based therapeutic interventions have positively influenced the overall quality of life.

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