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2018... a year full of MUSIC!

2018 is here, and music has been already touching us since the very first second of the year. This year is a very exciting one, as more and more teachers are realising the importance of music in every human development, specifically at the early stages of our life, where the brain acquires and designs an amazing amount of connections, and eventually has an impact on the personality of those who are exposed to it.

Around the world, music is used by all kind of people in many diverse circumstances. Some times in crucial or important ceremonies, some times in amazing shows, and many other times as an educational tool. Music at schools is highly appreciated for its characteristic of bringing joy and relief if its practiced in the right conditions for the player(s). By the right conditions i mean: stress free, with freedom of expression, and in a friendly environment.

Schools that have opened music programs for their students, as a recreational and educational resource, have been showing an increase of good results in the overall marks or their students. A recent article from "the Guardian Newspaper" ( ) , shows how important music is for the educational program of the school, and also how good are the results among those who are involved in these music programs.

It is clear that playing an instrument, or getting involved in a musical context, stimulates some specific areas of our brain that can't be touched by any other neurological process. The reason to this, is the experience of "Joy". Once we are engaged in a musical context, we experience that joy that lead us to a high state of mind, where every sound and movement perceived leads to a cognitive process where mind and body are connected, and interacting together to create not only a concept, but a memory based on an experience that is assimilated in both sides of our brain, and used eventually in a future.

The future for music in educational centres is looking promising, and certainly in a close future, this will be reflected on a society that will be working together with wider horizons, and better disposition to interact with each other in harmony.

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